Curtin & Curtin, LLP - Firm Profile

Curtin and Curtin, LLP, focus is in the area of tort and business litigation with special emphasis dedicated to the area of Special Investigative Unit projects.  

Our firm is comprised of individuals with a proven history of success in litigation. The firm has tried over 100 jury trials with a very high percentage of those cases resulting in a verdict equal to or substantially less than the last settlement offer. However, trial expertise is only one component of our firm.

A crucial aspect in any litigation is communication with clients. On that basis, the firm returns telephone calls within a 24 hour period and is always conscious that litigation costs are escalating, thereby necessitating a philosophical approach that attempts to bring the litigation to a conclusion at the least cost to the client.

In all aspects of litigation, our office carefully studies the case, compares it to other matters that have been handled by the firm and thereafter makes recommendations as it pertains to projected costs in conjunction with estimated settlement value. Our approach to every case is that all discovery is designed with an eye towards bringing the matter to a prompt conclusion and no discovery is undertaken without the express consent of the client thereby avoiding unnecessary and expensive discovery.

The formula of bringing together excellent trial litigators, effective communicators with clients in conjunction with attorneys who are conscious of clients’ concerns with escalating legal costs has permitted Curtin and Curtin, LLP to grow as a respected insurance defense and business litigation firm.

Insurance companies cannot escape the spiraling costs associated with insurance fraud. In order to address that issue, Curtin and Curtin, LLP has placed special emphasis upon the area of Special Investigative work. Mr. Curtin has completed over 100 Examinations Under Oath, over 20 years of practice, and was lead counsel in an investigation of a questionable physical therapy facility in concert with the N.I.C.B. as well as law enforcement. This project culminated in the criminal indictment of the Medical Director. Our firm has been retained, on a statewide basis, to combat fraud and to undertake investigations of a host of subject matters.